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Established in 2006, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, an Institution under PSG group, has been facilitating more than 30 unique International Transfer Programmes. Under this scheme. Students complete the first two or three years of study at PSGIAS at the existing PSG College of Technology campus at Coimbatore. The remaining years of study are to be pursued at the foreign university from USA, UK, Australia or Germany by transferring their credits obtained from PSGIAS. On completion of the programme, the student will be awarded a degree from the concerned international university in the area of study.

This program is made possible by doing the course mapping with the universities abroad, thus enabling an easy transfer to our partner universities abroad. As a testament to the success of this programme, PSGIAS has seen over 1K students getting degree from universities abroad.


Degree awarded by a Foreign University. Opportunity to get employment or pursue higher studies Abroad


Strong International Focus. Major part of study in india in order to reduce expences


Practice based learning. Development of technical skills and management skills

This unique program is made possible by adopting all the teaching and evaluation methods that are followed by universities abroad, thus enabling an easy transfer to our partnered universities in overseas. As a testament to the success of this programme, PSGIAS has seen over 1K students pass through its portals and continue their studies and being employed abroad.

Key Advantages of Choosing PSGIAS

Global Ranking Partners

Outstanding graduate employability

Academic excellence

Amazing facilities

Extremely high student satisfaction

International Transfer:

The key highlight is the fact that the students can transfer their credits and graduate with an international engineering degree from some of the top-tier universities in the world.

International Placements:

Students on successful completion of the course, can participate in the placement activities of the concerned University abroad.

Face to Face Interactions with foreign University Delegates:

Delegates from some of the global universities visit PSGIAS, Coimbatore Campus to address the students and advise them on the various options available to them.

Global Education Standards:

In line with the curriculum and pattern that is used in international universities, PSGIAS provides its students up to date and relevant syllabi thus ensuring a high standard of quality education.

Financial Benefits:

Since the first two or three years of study is done in India, significant cost saving is made. Students can save up to 40% of the total expenses that they would ordinarily spend if they pursue the entire course in the concerned foreign universities.

Strong Foundation:

A strong foundation is built at PSGIAS using the facilities of PSG College of Technology, both infrastructures and teaching methods.

Support in Documentation Process:

PSGIAS provides assistance to the students in terms of the documentation that is required to transfer themselves to the foreign universities of their choice.