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PSG IAS International Credit Transfer Programme is designed to stimulate curiosity for and love for Global learning , which widens the scope of International educational opportunity and access for students. PSG Institute of Advance Studies works closely with leading universities around the world to offer an affordable way of getting an internationally recognised qualification. PSG IAS CTP is well positioned to offer graduate and postgraduate programmes in collaboration with world’s best universities to provide students with skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century as well as empower all students to be engaged citizens of the world. The eligibility requirements are different for the regular programs.

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSGIAS) was founded by PSG and Sons’ Charities trust to promote high quality research in some niche areas of science and technology, as well as to create opportunities to PSG Institutions to collaborate with universities abroad. The college maintains close interaction with several R&D Institutions and institutions of higher learning in India and abroad, through institutional network programmes and collaborative research programmes. PSG IAS cross credit programs allows Global Partnering Universities to offer Bachelors (UG) and Masters (PG) degree programs which will have their regular curricula. The existing curricula may be supplemented by additional curricula of the partnering universities

if desired by PSG. Through these transfer programs, PSG students will be able to earn several credits during the course of their normal study at Coimbatore PSG campus. Students will have the opportunity either to complete their studies in PSG (incase of MBA from University of Toledo at PSGIM) or to transfer their credits to the partnering universities as per their entrance requirements at any time after completing two or three years of their studies in PSG. Students, who opt for transfer, can then finish their degree programs by completing the remainder of credits in residence at the partnering universities. The number of credits to be waived for students admitted on transfer basis will be at the discretion of the partnering universities. Students enrolling in the graduate and post-graduate programs in the partnering universities will be given Bachelor or Masters Degrees by the partnering universities after successful completion of study. Transfer students will be charged the prevailing tuition by the partnering universities.

Students who do not plan to go to the partnering universities and students who have been unable to get visas will complete their program of study in PSG, would be awarded degrees by PSG.

Program Structure:

This is structured as 2+ 2 or 3+1 (or 2+2.5 in for BE Innovative Textiles) program at the Bachelors level and 1+1 for Post graduation Level. For instance, students enrolling with PSG IAS for Undergraduate engineering program will complete their two or three years of study at PSG, India and later move over to the partnering university in USA,UK,GERMANY and Australian countries and complete the rest of the programme in one or more years to secure BS/BE/BSc/BA (Honours) from overseas. Similar arrangement (1 + 1) at Masters Level of Engineering and Management Degrees is also being worked out with four Global Countries.


  • PSG is strengthened by access to the latest curricular development in the partnering institution.
  • Substantial cost savings due to reduced number of years spent overseas.
  • Take up overseas job with a lucrative pay package, to recover all educational cost just in a year or so.
  • Flexibility in choosing from a wide range of subjects, many of which are not offered at any institute in India.
  • Opportunity to learn in two different cultural environments and thus becoming well-rounded learners.
  • Opportunity to pursue Master's degree programmes at the same university abroad or any other top university across the world, possibly with Teaching or Research Assistantship, making your Master's degree inexpensive.


Undergraduate (UG) International Credit Transfer Program

  • Must maintain a minimum CGPA of 7 out of 10 during the first two or 3 years of study at PSG Institute of Advance Studies (PSG IAS).
  • For VISA purposes, clearance of TOEFL with more than 80 marks (out of 120) or IELTS Overall score of 6.5 and no less than 6 in any individual modules.
  • Must have great Vision and ambition and good communication skills with right supportive family background.
  • Before coming to Germany, students must pass the standard German university level test (TestDaF). As part of the German Engineering study programme, the students will be attending German classes and do their internship in a German company, which is preferably combined with a bachelor thesis of a practical orientation.
  • Right from the beginning of their studies at PSG, all IGCHE students have to attend mandatory German language training classes. The German language Classes are conducted as per international standards, mostly by native speakers employed inside PSG campus.
  • At the end of the third year, those students who are not sure of passing the TestDaF examination may take up the long term language program at IIK starting from the month of May. The placement department of IIK will assess the German language competency level of the students and decide the period for which the language course is to be attended for taking up TestDaF examination.

Masters (MS/MBA) International Credit Transfer Program

  • For MS Degrees, Student must maintain a minimum CGPA of 7.5 out of 10 in BE (any stream).
  • Must maintain a minimum of TOEFL 80 out of 120 & GRE score of 195 during 1st year of study for USA/AUS/UK Visa Requirements.
  • OR IELTS Overall score of 6.5 and no less than 6 in any individual modules for USA/AUS/UK Visa Requirements.

Partner Universities and Credit transfer courses:

PSGIAS UG Programs ( 2023-24 admissions )

CountryDisciplineDegree & University AbroadAt PSG (Indicative figures)At University Abroad
GERMANYMechanical EngineeringBE-Mechanical Engineering, IGCHE31
Electrical EngineeringB E – Electrical Engineering, IGCHE31
Innovative TextilesB Eng – Innovative Textiles , Hof University of Applied Sciences22.5
Computer Science & EngineeringB S – Computer Science, IGCHE21
Mechatronics EngineeringB E - Mechatronics Engineering, IGCHE31
USAMechanical EngineeringBS- Mechanical Engineering Technology,Farmingdale State College22
B S Mechanical Engineering - University of Hartford31
B S Mechanical Engineering - Oregon Institute of Technology31
B S Mechanical Engineering – University of the District of Columbia31
B S Mechanical Engineering - Binghamton University22
Electrical EngineeringB S Electrical Engineering – Binghamton University22
Computer Science & EngineeringB S Computer Engineering Technology -Farmingdale State College22
B S- Computer Engineering - Binghamton University22
BS – Computer Science - University of the District of Columbia31
UKMechanical EngineeringB Eng - University of Hull31
BEng (Hons) - Manchester Metropolitan University22
Electrical EngineeringBEng (Hons)- Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University22
Innovative TextilesB Eng – Innovative Textiles , Hof University of Applied Sciences22.5
Computer Science & EngineeringBSc (Hons) Computer Science,Manchester Metropolitan University22
BSc (Hons) – Software Engineering,Manchester Metropolitan University22
International BusinessB A (Hons) – International Business,University of Hull-Business School21
International Fashion(Design Practice / Business Practice)B A (Hons) – International Fashion, Fashion Institute- Manchester Metropolitan University31
AUSTRALIAMechanical EngineeringBE(Hons) -Deakin University22
BE(Hons) – James Cook university22
Mechatronics EngineeringB E(Hons) - University of South Australia22
B E(Hons) – Deakin University, Australia 22
Electrical EngineeringBE(Hons) – Electrical and Electronics Engineering, James Cook university22
Computer Science & EngineeringB E(Hons) – Software Engineering Deakin University22
BE(Hons) – Computer Engineering James Cook university22
Electronic Systems and Internet of ThingsBE(Hons) -Electronic Systems and IOT - James Cook University22

PSGIAS PG Programs ( 2023-24 admissions )

CountryDisciplineDegree & University AbroadAt PSG (Indicative figures)At University Abroad
GERMANYMechanical EngineeringM S - University of Toledo,USA11
MS –University of Central Florida, USA11
Industrial EngineeringM S - University of Toledo, USA11
Industrial & Systems EngineeringM S - Northern Illinois University , USA11
Data AnalyticsMS – University of Central Florida USA11
AUSTRALIAMaterials Science and EngineeringMS - University of Newcastle, Australia11

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