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“Let there be charity, so that others can share my family’s prosperity”

– Shri . P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu

An Extract from the famous PSG & Sons’ Trust Deed of 1926

From the inherited wealth that we got, in the name and memory of our ancestors and for their salvation, we four brothers set aside Rs. 2,01,116 (Rupees Two Lakh One Thousand One Hundred and Sixteen) worth property listed below voluntarily and with total mutual consent. Besides the amount, we also pledge that till we die, each of us would set aside one-fifth of the profits from the income we would earn from agriculture, trade and handicrafts, with the blessing of Sri Kannapiran throughout our lives.”

The Fifth Brother

When a member of the family was denied admission in one of the schools here in Coimbatore, the family went on to start The Sarvajana School. The PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust was created in 1926 with the purpose of augmenting and strengthening this village school. Besides, the Charity had a far nobler purpose of empowering the youth through education, quite an incredible vision for the essentially agrarian family from Peelamedu. The four brothers Shri. PSG Venkataswamy Naidu, Shri. PSG Rangaswamy Naidu, Shri. PSG Ganga Naidu and Shri. PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu willingly and voluntarily divided their inherited ancestral properties into parts, reserving the one-fifth portion to create a charity to run the school, which hence became their fifth sibling.

And Thus, the fifth brother was born with the name, PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust. The brothers who created the charity, their kin and their descendants have founded many industries and charities in the city. A few have even gone far to seek their fortunes. The fifth brother however stayed on to create over 26 educational institutions of repute ranging from Kindergarten to Doctoral Studies across Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical, Management, Research and many more.

The fifth brother has become the crowning glory of the PSG family and has taken education to unimaginable heights adding fame and glory to the land of Coimbatore.

Why the other brother?

By sharing their wealth equally and by treating charity as the next of kin, the four brothers brought the most important moral persuasion to do “the right thing” which any number of rules and regulations in fine print may not achieve. The Kinship ensured that the founders would never be tempted to support projects that may be detrimental to their own reputation as members of the “Charity Family”

The Fifth Brother of the PSG family has a life of his own, a rhythm and a soul that resonates with more 30,000 students pursuing their academic dreams through the portals of PSG Institutions at any point of time. For Coimbatore, the PSG Charities have been an inspiration and a catalyst to its tremendous growth.

PSG Family The origin

The PSG family’s origin can be traced back to the 17th Century as per the recorded history of the family. The family belonged to the Kammavar sect of the Naidu community. Shri Ganga Naidu, the forefather of the PSG family was the person who founded settlement for their community people in the place called Poolaimedu on November 11, 1711 with the unstinted support and co-operation of the other Kamma immigrants.

Discovery of the land of Peelamedu

Shri Ganga Naidu had capacity, courage, patience and resourcefulness. But the secret of his success went beyond these qualities. Shri Naidu was never despaired of calamities. The refugees who landed on the mound hardly had any raw material worth the name. But Ganga Naidu knew that they had the greatest raw material of all – the human character. And that was enough for him to make an earthly paradise out of a jungle. The planned residential community was devised and promoted by Ganga Naidu. The place was named “Poolai Medu” or “Mound of Poolai Flowers” in view of the fertile growth of the Poolai flowers there. In course of time, Poolai Medu became "Peelamedu".

There was neither water nor any nutrient in the soil. The wells did not yield water even as deep as 200 feet. It was a devastating feeling an unnamed farmer is quoted in a PSG souvenir marking its 60th anniversary

Out of such human suffering and resilience, the vision of creating the Fifth Brother was born. The PSG family and many of their kind were known to have fought with their backs to the wall. Being industrious, creative and hardworking, they spared no effort to bring the soil under the till and started using mechanical aids to help agriculture. Being migrants they were not afraid to travel or meet with strangers. Trading streamed into their blood – a trait which helped them expand their empire.

Family Tree

Shri . P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Venkataswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Rangaswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Ganga Naidu

Shri PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu