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Scholarships Offered at Partner Universities

  • For BS Mechanical Engineering graduates from University of Hartford, USA: Scholarships are given for PSG IAS students with good academic record ranging from $5000 to $20,000.
  • For graduates opting to study in Deakin University, Australia courses, 20% scholarship is offered for PSG students with CGPA greater than 7 (out of 10) and 25% scholarship for students with CGPA more than 7.5 secured during their study duration at PSG IAS, Coimbatore.
  • Oregon Institute of Technology, USA is offering scholarship of $ 2000 to $ 9000 based on 1st 3 years’ of performance at PSG. Also fees can be reduced for opting online courses.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, UK is offering scholarship of UK £ 4,000 exclusively for PSG students.
  • For students opting for BA (Hons) – International Fashion at Fashion Institute in Manchester Metropolitan University, a scholarship of UK £ 2,000 is awarded.
  • IGCHE Germany: All PSG IGCHE students get a scholarship from German state, just like German students, so they only have to pay the social and IGCHE fee for the last year in Germany. This scholarship is worth about 7,200 €.