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Sri. L. Gopalakrishnan

Managing Trustee - (2011 - Till Date)

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

Let us change the world by imparting quality education to our future generations

PSG Center for Academic Research and Excellence is promoted by PSG & Sons Charities Trust, one of the oldest charitable Institutions in India. The Trust has created over 29 educational institutions of academic excellence ranging from kinder garden to Doctoral Studies across Arts & Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Medical, Management and more that have grown into centers of excellence and have several national and global collaborations to their credit.

Technology has infiltrated today’s classrooms, which are filled with the Millennials. The teaching learning process should undergo constructive changes to adapt to the tech-savvy students. Faculty should keep themselves updated and become tech-savvy too. They should also constantly innovate pedagogies not only to educate but also engage the students in the classrooms. Toward this end, CARE will encourage the use of learner-centric pedagogical practices that facilitate effective learning and will foster dialogue and reflection on effective teaching through workshops, seminars, one-to-one consultation and other activities. The center also focuses on creating and sustaining effective faculty student relationships.

Teachers who invent creative pedagogy and deliver the same with technology will be the most powerful educators of the 21st Century. I request faculty to make best use of PSG CARE programs to transform themselves into effective educators for the millennial student. I am confident that with proactive support from PSG CARE, the quality of teaching at the PSG Institutions will continuously improve, thereby contributing to the mighty cause of empowering youth through quality education.

Successive Managing Trustees – PSG – Institute of Advanced Studies

Shri. L. Gopalakrishnan

Managing Trustee

Out of such human suffering and resilience, the vision of creating the Fifth Brother was born. The PSG family and many of their kind were known to have fought with their backs to the wall. Being industrious, creative and hardworking, they spared no effort to bring the soil under the till and started using mechanical aids to help agriculture. Being migrants they were not afraid to travel or meet with strangers. Trading streamed into their blood – a trait which helped them expand their empire.


2005 – 2011

Dr. G. Rangaswamy internationalized the education at PSG by establishing PSG Institute of Advanced Studies to promote Inter-Institutional and International collaborative programs with Universities in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and so on. A tie-up was established with San Diego State University, USA for student exchange. The MoU with Toledo University was revived by him and the first batch of students got admitted in 2006. In recognition of the successful partnership, the University of Toledo conferred an honorary Doctorate upon Mr. Rangaswamy. Student exchange programs were also established with Australian University. As a staunch environmentalist, he promoted various activities for the same. He was the force behind construction of a new library building, the Institute of Pulmonology and the Aesthetic Centre at PSG IMSR. Additional buildings were added in PSG College of Technology for the new courses introduced in the fields of Biomedical and Nanotechnology. A Fitness Centre, the International Students’ Block and a Food Processing Unit were started at PSG CAS under his aegis. He laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new hospital at Karadivavi on 2 acres of land donated by Mr. K. L. Varadarajan and Family. Trusting the PSG Group and Dr. G. Rangaswamy’s unwavering dedication, The Badugas Association of Kotagiri donated land to construct a hospital at Kotagiri during his tenure.

V. Rajan

2000 – 2005

Modernization of the infrastructure to meet the new age education system was his prime focus. Updating the Institute of Medical Sciences into a state-of-the-art hospital was done during his period. The PSG College of Pharmacy was started under his aegis. The hitherto growth of the PSG group of Educational and its associated Institutions was stupendous. As competition grew, it became imperative to stay ahead and focus marketing strategies on core competencies. PSG Centre for Advertising was born from the Group’s need for effective and efficient marketing. In the new millennium, primary education has also undergone a shift in focus. The PSG Children’s school, focusing on developing the natural creative instincts of children was founded under Shri.V.Rajan’s leadership. The group also established its stance in health care management by starting the PSG Offshore Health Care Management Services. A state-of-the art super specialty hospital was added during his tenure and hostel buildings in all institutions were renovated.

G.R. Karthikeyan

1990 – 2000

The onset of the liberalization era spurred him to expand the department of management studies into a separate management institute called the PSG Institute of Management. As an increasing number of students started looking for opportunities in paramedical sciences, the PSG College of Nursing and the PSG College of Physiotherapy was born. PSG STEP, an Entrepreneurial park that provided the necessary fuel to accelerate the dreams of aspiring professionals was set up during his tenure. Tie-ups with many foreign universities and leading Indian institutions like IIFT were results of his global vision.

G. Varadaraj

1978 – 1990

After the first medical college started by the PSG and Lakshmi groups in 1966 was taken over by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Shri G. Varadaraj established the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. The PSG Hospitals formed as natural extension of the medical institute. While providing people with the state-of-the-art medical facilities, it also helped students of the medical college grasp the essentials of practicing medicine. During his tenure, the accent was laid on strengthening the foundations of learning as earlier established by the PSG group. The Centre for Non-formal Education and the Centre for Sponsored Research and Training Centre were started as part of his contributions. The PSG Textile Research and Training Centre were also started during this time.

Professor G.R. Damodaran

1972 – 1978

This Icon of Education stretched the boundaries of the Trust. He laid the plans which shaped the future of PSG institutions. On the industrial front, a new state-of-the art foundry was started at Nilambur by shifting the facilities from Peelamedu. As the years grew, the foundry gained prominence and catered to a large portion of the Industrial Institute’s needs. As technological edge started making a difference in establishing core competencies, the crucial consolidation of the PSG College of Technology took place during his tenure. A variety of new courses was introduced in the PSG College of Technology. He introduced radical changes in the systems and took to institutions to great new heights and has been an inspiration to many of his students.

G.R. Govindarajulu

1949 – 1972

GRG, as affectionately called, was the longest serving Managing Trustee. During his time the Institute gained a sharp focus and made it the nucleus of PSG & Sons’ Charities. To fulfill his dream of free health care he started The Maternity Centre, now known as the Vedapatti Rural Health Centre and the Gandhi Rural Centre to make quality health care accessible to the rural population. He was instrumental in starting PSG College of Technology to offer Science and Engineering programs. Realizing the growing importance of management education, the diploma program in management science was started in 1965 and subsequently it became a post graduate program in 1971. In 1966, GRG took the initiative to start the First private Medical College in Tamil Nadu along with the Lakshmi Group. The medical college was managed by both the PSG and Lakshmi Groups until 1969, when it was taken over by the State Government and renamed as Coimbatore Medical College Hospital.

PSG Ganga Naidu

1947 – 1949

This self-taught Agricultural Scientist, recognized the importance of humanities and pure sciences in higher education and the demand for an all encompassing institute in the region, and started the PSG College of Arts and Science. He was a participant in the National movement and believed in providing free education for the deprived.

PSG Rangaswamy Naidu

1926 – 1947

Foundations of Charity towards Education started during his tenure. Being the first of the trustees, he is credited with drafting of the original trust deed. Shri Rangaswamy Naidu started the Sarvajana Higher Secondary School on the Avinashi Road. He also took over two primary schools at Vedapatti and Peelamedu from the district board of education. The First steps towards Coimbatore’s best Technical education were also taken under his leadership when he laid the foundation of PSG Polytechnic College.

And Thus, the fifth brother was born with the name, PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust. The brothers who created the charity, their kin and their descendants have founded many industries and charities in the city. A few have even gone far to seek their fortunes. The fifth brother however stayed on to create over 26 educational institutions of repute ranging from Kindergarten to Doctoral Studies across Arts, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical, Management, Research and many more.

The fifth brother has become the crowning glory of the PSG family and has taken education to unimaginable heights adding fame and glory to the land of Coimbatore.

Why the other brother?

By sharing their wealth equally and by treating charity as the next of kin, the four brothers brought the most important moral persuasion to do “the right thing” which any number of rules and regulations in fine print may not achieve. The Kinship ensured that the founders would never be tempted to support projects that may be detrimental to their own reputation as members of the “Charity Family”

The Fifth Brother of the PSG family has a life of his own, a rhythm and a soul that resonates with more 30,000 students pursuing their academic dreams through the portals of PSG Institutions at any point of time. For Coimbatore, the PSG Charities have been an inspiration and a catalyst to its tremendous growth.

PSG Family The origin

The PSG family’s origin can be traced back to the 17th Century as per the recorded history of the family. The family belonged to the Kammavar sect of the Naidu community. Shri Ganga Naidu, the forefather of the PSG family was the person who founded settlement for their community people in the place called Poolaimedu on November 11, 1711 with the unstinted support and co-operation of the other Kamma immigrants.

Discovery of the land of Peelamedu

Shri Ganga Naidu had capacity, courage, patience and resourcefulness. But the secret of his success went beyond these qualities. Shri Naidu was never despaired of calamities. The refugees who landed on the mound hardly had any raw material worth the name. But Ganga Naidu knew that they had the greatest raw material of all – the human character. And that was enough for him to make an earthly paradise out of a jungle. The planned residential community was devised and promoted by Ganga Naidu. The place was named “Poolai Medu” or “Mound of Poolai Flowers” in view of the fertile growth of the Poolai flowers there. In course of time, Poolai Medu became "Peelamedu".

There was neither water nor any nutrient in the soil. The wells did not yield water even as deep as 200 feet. It was a devastating feeling an unnamed farmer is quoted in a PSG souvenir marking its 60th anniversary

Out of such human suffering and resilience, the vision of creating the Fifth Brother was born. The PSG family and many of their kind were known to have fought with their backs to the wall. Being industrious, creative and hardworking, they spared no effort to bring the soil under the till and started using mechanical aids to help agriculture. Being migrants they were not afraid to travel or meet with strangers. Trading streamed into their blood – a trait which helped them expand their empire.

Family Tree

Shri . P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Venkataswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Rangaswamy Naidu

Shri PSG Ganga Naidu

Shri PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu